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LSW understands that our clients face an ever-evolving regulatory and social landscape, where businesses are under more scrutiny than ever, from regulators, shareholders, employees, customers and the communities in which we live. We analyze and identify threats, minimize risks, and provide comprehensive advice to our clients in crisis situations.

International reach

We represent businesses and individuals from both Poland and other parts of the world. Thanks to our global network of contacts, we can provide advice on matters of international significance.

Business criminal law

We represent clients in various cases related to criminal proceedings, tax offenses, and economic crimes. Our business criminal law team deals specifically with matters related to actions that harm corporate entities and the criminal liability of corporate officers.


We conduct investigations to detect irregularities, understand their causes, identify responsible parties, and prepare recommendations for further actions. When necessary, we collaborate with auditing firms, investigative agencies, and economic information offices.

Business adaptation

Our goal is to align our clients’ organizational environment with the highest standards of safety and compliance with applicable legal regulations. We create, modify, and update existing regulations and assist in their effective implementation.

Exceptionally skilled team

Our team comprises not only lawyers but also individuals who have worked for many years in special forces, public administration institutions, and European Union structures.


[ 01 ]
Business Criminal Law
  • Representation at All Stages of Proceedings
  • Drafting Notifications of Suspected Crimes and Representing Victims
  • Representing Injured Parties in Compensation Claims
  • Representing Management and Employees of Companies as Witnesses
  • Support in Penitentiary Matters for Temporarily Detained or Convicted Individuals
[ 02 ]
  • Preparing Investigation Strategies and Communicating with Audit Firms
  • Participating in Internal Investigations, Especially Employee Interviews
  • Analyzing Digital Data Collected and Selected by Audit Firms
  • Preparing Investigation Reports in Collaboration with Audit Firms
[ 03 ]
Internal Procedures
  • Conducting Audits to Ensure Compliance with the Highest Security Standards and Legal Requirements
  • Creating and Adapting Relevant Regulations and Procedures
  • Assisting in Implementing Measures or Solutions Necessary to Align Business Practices with Legal Conditions.
A client operating on the cryptocurrency market
Advising with regards allegations of cryptocurrency fraud as part of an international criminal network using multi-level corporate structures and a distributed technical network.
A client in the international steel trade industry
Advising with regards an allegation of money laundering by means of a sham commercial transaction linked to the depletion of public receivables in terms of VAT and falsification of accounting documentation.
Bank fraud
Advising on a hacking e-mail fraud, involving the substitution of transfer details on invoices received from a counterparty
Food company
Defence in a case regarding involvement in an organised criminal group to defraud VAT.

White Collar Crime & Investigations Team

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