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Our team offers comprehensive legal services across various sectors of the media including film, TV, advertising, marketing, music, and events.

Media, film & TV

We provide a wide range of comprehensive legal services in the media and entertainment industry. We specialize in assisting with the development of new models for digital television, ensuring their compliance with both Polish and European law. We also provide ongoing legal support to the main Polish television producers, preparing and negotiating contracts for international formats of popular television entertainment shows, and contracts with jurors, participants, and partners.

We are adept at analyzing scripts and evaluating films prior to their release, assessing potential claims regarding violation of personal rights, copyright, and related rights of third parties. We represent producers during negotiations with Polish and foreign film distributors, providing legal assistance during the distribution and exploitation of films. Our firm has a strong track record in providing comprehensive legal services for numerous Polish film productions and international film co-productions. We also support Polish investors who invest in film productions in Poland and abroad, including in the U.S. We evaluate issues related to the functioning of broadcasters in Poland for foreign companies interested in entering the Polish market. We also provide legal services for the production of many popular TV series and negotiate contracts with TV stations regarding the promotion of a TV serial. At LSW, we are committed to providing top-notch legal services tailored to the unique needs of our clients in the media and entertainment industry.

Advertising & Marketing

We prepare model contracts with authors, co-workers, and subcontractors of advertising agencies and producers, including film directors, music composers, photographers, actors, models, and more. We provide regular legal services to advertising agencies, offering opinions on marketing, promoting, and advertising activities, and preparing contracts with clients and subcontractors.

We also advise one of the biggest Polish advertising agencies on legal issues concerning the development of their social media activity. This includes preparing templates of social media advertising services agreements, purchasing content for social media advertising services, and drafting contracts with stock agencies for content dedicated for social media. We represent advertising agencies and their clients in conducting negotiations and concluding contracts with world-class celebrities for their participation in advertisements. We also provide legal frames for many Internet services, including one of the biggest professional publishers in Poland.

Music & Events

Our law firm offers a comprehensive range of legal services tailored to the music and event industry. These services include constant legal support, particularly in the acquisition of copyrights, performance rights, and contracts with foreign cultural institutions and sponsors. We also lead negotiations regarding license agreements for the realization of big European music event formats. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support in releasing albums for leading and alternative musicians.

Our wealth of experience enables us to provide top-notch legal services tailored to the unique needs of our clients in the music and event industry.

Dispute Resolution

Our strong litigation team offers comprehensive services encompassing court disputes and mediation.

For more information regarding our dispute practice, please click here.


[ 01 ]
  • Contract preparation and negotiation for press and book publishers.
  • Specialization in contracts for audiovisual work production.
  • Contract services for acquiring third-party audiovisual material for broadcasters.
  • Assistance in promotional and marketing agreement preparation.
  • Drafting rules for online and broadcast promotions or contests.
  • Comprehensive legal services for e-commerce, including VOD.
  • Representation in proceedings before the National Broadcasting Council.
[ 02 ]
  • Support for creators, performers, artists, and businesses using music.
  • Advice on band functioning and dispute resolution.
  • Representation of musicians in label negotiations.
  • Consultation on concert and event organization.
  • Guidance on acquiring necessary music copyrights for business and marketing.
  • Publication preparation for event industry magazines.
[ 03 ]
  • Regular legal service for marketing entities and their clients.
  • Opinions on marketing, promotion, and advertising concepts; contract negotiation and preparation; copy clearance.
  • Current opinions on marketing strategies and compliance with laws and codes of conduct.
  • Legal infrastructure creation for marketing and promotion activities.
  • Advice on innovative marketing activities related to PR, advertising, art, design, e-commerce, and business.
  • Support in rebranding, trademark refreshing, product creation, and visualization.
Providing full-service advice to the largest US multinational telecommunications and media conglomerate. The corporation is the world's second largest broadcasting and cable television company by revenue, as well as the largest pay-TV company, the largest cable television company and the largest provider of home internet services in the US. Services include advising on key commercial agreements , advertising regulations and distribution rights.
4fun Media Group
Legal service for companies from the 4fun Media Group in the field of intellectual property rights, as well as unfair competition.
Negotiating a license agreement with one of the largest TV stations in the USA for one of the most popular live show TV-format. Secondly, we negotiated a production agreement for the VOD platform, which operated in Europe and South Africa.
Google Poland Sp. z o.o. and Google Inc.
Legal service in the field of relations with collective copyright management organizations, advice on localization of global solutions, products and services, and support for the AdWords service in terms of regulations regarding permitted advertising. Support in court proceedings concerning the protection of personal rights.
Formaster Group
Ongoing advice in the field of requirements of the Act on providing services by electronic means, the Consumer Rights Act, the Copyright Act and related rights, and the Telecommunications Law. Drafting contract projects concerning the use of intellectual property rights, sponsorship contracts, and brand ambassador contracts.

Media Team

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