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Our team specializing in employment law brings extensive experience in providing comprehensive advice and support to clients across all aspects of employment matters. From the recruitment process and establishment of employment relationships to their termination, we guide clients in minimizing risks related to employment relationships and represent them in negotiations and disputes.

On-going Advisory

We offer comprehensive advice on individual and collective employment law and social insurance to clients from diverse industries. This includes companies operating in sectors such as technology, media, heavy industry, finance, medicine, biotechnology, and more.

Employment Disputes

Our representation extends to both employers and employees, as well as trade unions. We provide comprehensive advice during negotiations and court disputes covering all aspects of employment matters. Furthermore, our team has significant experience in handling disputes related to workplace harassment and discrimination.

International Projects

Clients from Poland and abroad benefit from our support. We offer comprehensive guidance on employing foreign workers and delegating employees for work abroad, including obtaining essential work permits and visas. When necessary, we leverage our international network of contacts to assist clients in achieving their global ambitions.


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Day-to-day Assistance:
  • Offering continuous guidance on both individual and collective employment law and social security.
  • Formulating and reviewing necessary documentation for initiating, altering, and terminating employment relationships, as well as internal company rules, such as collective labor contracts, agreements, work regulations, pay rules, company social benefit fund rules, other regulations, company policies, and ethical guidelines.
  • Representing and aiding in interactions with the National Labor Inspectorate, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), including during inspection proceedings.
  • Counseling on cost optimization processes for hiring management staff, which includes conducting audits, preparing risk assessments, and recommending optimal solutions, as well as drafting documents related to the chosen model.
  • Assisting in cases of workplace harassment and discrimination, creating policies to prevent and combat such issues, and supporting investigations and the implementation of corrective actions.
  • Providing advice on GDPR-related matters in HR and employment law.
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Transactions & Restructuring:
  • Conducting audits and preparing due diligence reports.
  • Planning and executing restructuring processes, including group exemptions related to legal and tax analysis.
  • Formulating documents associated with the execution of restructuring and participating in negotiations and consultations.
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Employment Disputes:
  • Resolving labor law disputes involving employees, including representing employers in courts of all levels nationwide.
  • Representing management staff in disputes stemming from employment relationships or civil law contracts, including management contracts.
  • Advising on disputes related to overtime work, workplace harassment, discrimination, and breaches of competition prohibition and trade secrets.
  • Advising on disputes concerning the establishment of an employment relationship, as well as disputes over bonus and severance pay.
  • Providing comprehensive counsel and representation during negotiation and litigation stages on all aspects of employee matters.
  • Assisting in dealings with trade unions, as well as in negotiations with trade unions, in all areas requiring discussions, consultations, or arrangements.
  • Assisting in matters of individual employment law, particularly in issues related to employee liability for maintaining workplace order and for damages incurred by the employer.
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Cross-border Projects:
  • Assisting in the process of hiring foreign workers and assigning employees to work overseas, including in obtaining necessary work permits and visas.
Advising on an employment restructuring (including the transfer of employees/co-workers to foreign entities).
Huta Częstochowa
Legal advice in the field of ongoing legal services in the field of labor law, including: • Representation in conducting a number of court disputes. • Drafting a number of regulations. • Creating remuneration systems, rewarding. • Creating anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies. During the privatization process of one of the largest employers in the steel industry sector, the LSW team: • Prepared a legal analysis. • Negotiated the so-called “Social Package”, i.e. an agreement of employees with the new employer. • Over several subsequent years negotiated annexes to this Agreement with trade unions.
Advising and drafting a number of work regulations (constructing complex work time systems - including a shift system and night work), remuneration, rewarding, created anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies.
Unimil (Ansell Healthcare Europe)
Advising the Polish branch of an Australian, international manufacturing company specializing in the production of medical gloves and contraception, in connection with a labor dispute with the director general.
Legal advice in the field of ongoing legal services in the field of labor law, including: • Representation in conducting a number of court disputes. • Drafting a number of regulations. • Creating remuneration systems, rewarding. • Creating anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies.

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