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Our team is distinguished for its specialized acumen and extensive experience in the field of International Trade.

Global perspective

We extend our advisory services to both domestic and international entities aspiring to diversify their market presence. Leveraging our comprehensive network of global contacts, we facilitate Polish organizations in making their mark in foreign markets. Concurrently, we offer strategic guidance to overseas companies keen on exploring opportunities in the Polish market.

Holistic Advisory

Our suite of advisory services includes legal support to manufacturing, domestic and international trade, production investments such as the establishment of production lines, the formation and management of distribution networks, as well as the orchestration of legal frameworks for the production and distribution cycle of goods and services. We also oversee post-sales processes, including the execution of contracts and the resolution of contractual disputes, along with the protection of intellectual property rights and the mitigation of unfair competition.

Taxation Expertise

Furthermore, we possess a formidable tax practice with a broad spectrum of experience in international trade matters.

Learn more about our tax practice here.


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Trade & Distribution
  • Providing expert advice on international trade regulations and export controls.
  • Assisting clients in establishing production infrastructure, including contracts for the setup and maintenance of production lines.
  • Helping clients establish and manage franchise, distribution, and agency networks.
  • Guiding clients through the process of finalizing and implementing framework contracts and executive orders, including the creation of contract execution cycle roadmaps.
  • Formulating comprehensive terms and conditions, encompassing sales, delivery, service provision, insurance, warranty, servicing, and more.
  • Assisting clients in finalizing and implementing contracts for supply chain management and logistics.
  • Offering advice on payment guarantees, with a focus on cross-border supplies.
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  • Providing current advice on the application of customs legislation.
  • Assisting in determining the customs classification of goods.
  • Representing clients in customs and tax procedures, as well as in proceedings before administrative courts.
  • Representing clients in dealings with customs authorities of third countries.
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  • Providing advice on product liability, intellectual property rights protection disputes, and combating unfair competition.
  • Representing clients in international commercial disputes, as well as in proceedings under World Trade Organization law (including anti-dumping proceedings, proceedings regarding countervailing duties, and trade protection measures).
  • Representing clients throughout all stages of arbitration proceedings.
CMT Group UK
Advising on the tax aspects of the EU-funded €27m supply of generators to Ukraine.
Reckitt Benckiser
Advising the British multinational consumer goods company in relation to marketing and sales of household chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices and medicinal products (including the following brands: Vanish, Finish, Durex, Air Wick, Nurofen, Bryza and Scholl).
Pepsi Cola General Bottlers / Frito Lay Poland (obecnie Pepsico)
Advising the Polish distribution and production divisions of the global soft drink manufacturer on trade and distribution, and competition matters.
INEOS Upstream Services Ltd
Advising the UK-based multinational company on its multi-million pound acquisition of state-of-the-art fracturing equipment (including fracturing and seismic equipment) from Polish company Unified Oilfield Services.
Daily advice to the world's fifth largest smartphone manufacturer, including commercial agreements, marketing and product launches.

International Trade Team

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