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For numerous years, we have established ourselves as leading authorities in the area of intellectual property protection, consistently acknowledged in global rankings. We critically evaluate business ventures spanning artistic, technological, event, and marketing, facilitating the execution of even the most challenging projects.

Engagement in the Creative Sector

Our clients include distinguished producers in the film and television industry, leading entities in the advertising and marketing sector, media houses, video content creators, event agencies, and coordinators of substantial artistic endeavors, in addition to individual creators and artists. Predominantly, our clients comprise recognized brands and corporations for whom brand management and protection, coupled with the adoption of new technologies, are integral components of their daily business operations.

Protection of Industrial Property

We also cater to innovative industrial firms that leverage both information technology and groundbreaking technological solutions to construct their competitive edge. We extend our support to these firms in matters concerning patent protection.

Resolution of Intellectual Property Disputes

Our robust litigation team offers comprehensive services encompassing court disputes, arbitration, and mediation.

For additional information regarding our practice in corporate disputes, please click here.


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Comprehensive Intellectual Property Services
  • Formulation and implementation of strategies for the safeguarding of intellectual property rights, inclusive of their registration and upkeep.
  • Defense of intellectual property rights against violations, inclusive of comprehensive support throughout all stages of trial and/or pre-trial proceedings.
  • Comprehensive legal assistance in relation to any Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Private Equity (PE), and/or Venture Capital (VC) transactions involving intellectual property rights, particularly during the preparation of Due Diligence (DD) reports and the drafting and/or negotiation of transaction documents.
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Drafting and negotiation of contracts encompassing intellectual property rights, such as:
  • Agreements facilitating the transfer of copyrights and associated rights to works.
  • Agreements enabling the transfer of related rights to the objects of related rights.
  • Agreements permitting the transfer of protective rights or other exclusive rights associated with the registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, or other objects of industrial property rights.
  • Licensing agreements sanctioning the utilization of the aforementioned rights’ objects.
  • Agreements pertaining to the usage of proprietary knowledge or ‘know-how’.
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Industrial Property Protection and Litigation
  • Registration and administration of trademark portfolios.
  • Execution of litigation in proceedings aimed at securing or maintaining trademark protection.
  • Safeguarding of industrial design and patent rights, both in terms of reservation and enforcement of these rights.
  • Mitigation of unfair competition in relation to distinctive signs, protection of proprietary knowledge, unfair advertising, dissemination of false information, parasitism, and reputation protection.
  • Proceedings for the infringement of exclusive rights, including litigation, negotiation of agreements, and establishment of coexistence agreements.
  • Representation of our clients before national (the Polish Patent Office, and administrative courts), European Union (EUIPO), and international (WIPO) institutions.
E-Card S.A.
Advisory the company intermediating in financial transactions in the field of intellectual property rights.
Comprehensive advice to the global provider of payment solutions in the field of intellectual property rights.
4fun Media Group
Legal service to companies from the 4fun Media Group in the field of intellectual property rights, as well as unfair competition.
Google Poland Sp. z o.o. and Google Inc.
Legal services in the field of relations with collective copyright management organizations, advice on localization of global solutions, products and services, and support for the AdWords service in terms of regulations regarding permitted advertising. Support in court proceedings concerning the protection of personal rights.
Formaster Group
Ongoing advice in the field of requirements of the Act on providing services by electronic means, the Consumer Rights Act, the Copyright Act and related rights, and the Telecommunications Law. Drafting contract projects concerning the use of intellectual property rights, sponsorship contracts, and brand ambassador contracts.

Intellectual Property Team

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