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At LSW, we are leading the charge in facilitating Poland's energy transition, offering unparalleled legal expertise and strategic guidance to clients navigating the dynamic landscape of alternative energy sources. With a firm commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, we provide comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses operating in the evolving energy sector.

Addressing the Coal Conundrum

As Poland grapples with the imperative to move away from coal-based energy, LSW stands ready to assist clients in effectively managing this transition. With a deep understanding of the regulatory environment and market dynamics, we offer strategic counsel on phasing out coal while capitalizing on emerging opportunities in renewable energy.

Navigating Changing EU Regulations

The shifting regulatory landscape of the European Union places increasing emphasis on renewable energy and carbon reduction targets. At LSW, we provide clients with the insights and expertise needed to navigate these regulatory complexities, ensuring compliance and facilitating strategic decision-making in alignment with evolving regulations.

Comprehensive Legal Services

Our team of legal experts specializes in advising clients across a spectrum of alternative energy sources, including biogas, solar, wind, and nuclear power. From regulatory compliance to project development and investment strategies, we offer tailored legal solutions designed to help clients capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities in the energy transition market.

Client-Centric Approach

At LSW, we understand that every client's journey towards energy transition is unique. Whether you are an industrial firm seeking to reduce your carbon footprint, an investor exploring opportunities in sustainable energy, or an energy company navigating regulatory complexities, our client-centric approach ensures that your specific needs and objectives are met with precision and professionalism.

Driving Positive Change

With a steadfast commitment to driving positive change in the energy sector, LSW is dedicated to empowering clients to embrace a more sustainable future. By partnering with us, businesses can leverage our industry knowledge, legal expertise, and strategic insights to navigate the complexities of the energy transition with confidence and clarity.


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Legal Services for Firms Seeking to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint:
  • Conducting comprehensive audits to assess current regulatory obligations related to carbon emissions and recommending strategies for compliance.
  • Advising on the development and implementation of tailored carbon reduction strategies aligned with business objectives and regulatory requirements.
  • Providing legal guidance on the transition to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biogas, including contract drafting and negotiation for energy procurement agreements.
  • Assisting with the identification and implementation of energy efficiency initiatives and programs to reduce overall carbon footprint.
  • Conducting environmental impact assessments to evaluate the potential environmental effects of business operations and recommending mitigation measures.
  • Advising on the participation in carbon offsetting programs and assisting with the negotiation of carbon credit purchases and sales agreements.
  • Assisting with the preparation of corporate sustainability reports in compliance with relevant reporting frameworks and standards.
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Legal Services for Investors Exploring Opportunities in Sustainable Energy:
  • Conducting comprehensive legal due diligence on potential investments in sustainable energy projects to assess regulatory compliance, contractual risks, and financial viability.
  • Advising on the optimal legal structure for investments in sustainable energy projects, including joint ventures, acquisitions, and project financing arrangements.
  • Drafting and negotiating investment agreements, project development agreements, power purchase agreements, and other relevant contracts to protect investor interests.
  • Providing regulatory guidance on renewable energy incentives, feed-in tariffs, tax incentives, and other government policies impacting sustainable energy investments.
  • Identifying and mitigating legal risks associated with sustainable energy investments, including regulatory changes, project delays, and environmental liabilities.
  • Representing investors in dispute resolution proceedings related to sustainable energy investments, including arbitration, mediation, and litigation.
  • Advising on exit strategies for sustainable energy investments, including divestment strategies, mergers, and acquisitions, to maximize returns for investors.
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Legal Services for Energy Companies Navigating Regulatory Complexities:
  • Providing ongoing legal advice and guidance on compliance with energy sector regulations, including licensing requirements, environmental regulations, and grid connection rules.
  • Assisting with the preparation and submission of permit applications and regulatory approvals for energy projects, including environmental impact assessments and land use permits.
  • Negotiating grid connection agreements with transmission and distribution system operators to ensure reliable and cost-effective grid access for energy projects.
  • Advising on eligibility for renewable energy incentives, subsidies, and grants, and assisting with the application process to maximize financial benefits for energy companies.
  • Developing market entry strategies for energy companies expanding into new geographic regions or sectors, including regulatory analysis and risk assessment.
  • Drafting and negotiating a wide range of contractual agreements for energy companies, including power purchase agreements, supply agreements, and construction contracts.
  • Representing energy companies in regulatory proceedings.
  • Advocacy efforts before government agencies and regulatory bodies to influence policy decisions and regulatory reforms.
Chinese buyer
Advising a Chinese buyer in the acquisition of a portfolio of photovoltaic power plants from SINO-CEEF, with a total capacity of 51 MW.
Eiffel Investment Group
Advising Eiffel Investment Group on financing for a series of acquisitions in the renewable energy industry.
Acquinex Insurance
Advising Acquinex Insurance, the M&A insurer on three transactions undertaken by Aberdeen Standard Investments to acquire from R. Power Group three portfolios of PV (photovoltaic) projects – the largest ever PV acquisition in Poland.
CJR Renewables
Legal assistance to a Portuguese multinational company from the renewable energy sector on various wind farm investments in Poland, including mergers and acquisitions/corporations, real estate, finance, and tax support.

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