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LSW’s Energy Storage Practice is dedicated to understanding the intricate interplay of regulations, technology, and commerce in energy storage projects, empowering clients to seize opportunities and overcome challenges with confidence. Our comprehensive suite of legal services covers every aspect of energy storage projects.

Navigating Regulatory Compliance

Our seasoned attorneys guide clients through the labyrinth of regulatory requirements governing energy storage projects at local, national, and international levels. From energy market regulations to environmental laws, we ensure seamless compliance every step of the way.

Fueling Project Development & Financing

From inception to implementation, we assist clients in every phase of energy storage project development. Our expertise in project structuring, contract negotiation, and risk assessment helps secure financing from public and private sources, ensuring projects reach their full potential.

Crafting Contracts for Success

We specialize in drafting and negotiating a range of contracts critical to energy storage projects, including power purchase agreements, equipment procurement contracts, and operation and maintenance agreements. Our meticulous approach safeguards clients' interests and fosters mutually beneficial partnerships.

Embracing Innovation

With a keen eye on emerging technologies and market trends, our team provides strategic advice to help clients capitalize on innovation opportunities in the energy storage industry. From battery storage to pumped hydro, we keep clients ahead of the curve and poised for success.


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Regulatory Compliance:
  • Advising on local, national, and international regulations governing energy storage projects.
  • Conducting compliance assessments to ensure adherence to energy market regulations.
  • Providing guidance on environmental laws and permitting processes for energy storage facilities.
  • Assisting with compliance with grid interconnection standards and regulations.
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Project Development & Financing:
  • Offering strategic guidance on project development, site selection, and feasibility studies.
  • Assisting with project structuring and risk assessment to attract financing.
  • Negotiating financing arrangements with public and private sources, including loans, grants, and tax incentives.
  • Providing legal support throughout the entire lifecycle of energy storage projects, from conception to operation.
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Contract Drafting and Negotiation:
  • Drafting comprehensive contracts essential to energy storage projects,
  • Negotiating terms and conditions of contracts with vendors, suppliers, and other parties involved in energy storage projects.
  • Ensuring that contracts adequately address key legal and commercial considerations, including performance guarantees, warranties, liability limitations, and dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Providing legal expertise to protect clients' interests and minimize risks associated with energy storage contracts.
Chinese buyer
Advising a Chinese buyer in the acquisition of a portfolio of photovoltaic power plants from SINO-CEEF, with a total capacity of 51 MW.
Eiffel Investment Group
Advising Eiffel Investment Group on financing for a series of acquisitions in the renewable energy industry.
Acquinex Insurance
Advising Acquinex Insurance, the M&A insurer on three transactions undertaken by Aberdeen Standard Investments to acquire from R. Power Group three portfolios of PV (photovoltaic) projects – the largest ever PV acquisition in Poland.
CJR Renewables
Legal assistance to a Portuguese multinational company from the renewable energy sector on various wind farm investments in Poland, including mergers and acquisitions/corporations, real estate, finance, and tax support.

Energy Storage Team

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