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Our practice in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency is distinguished by its unparalleled expertise in the domain. Our team, comprising of multidisciplinary professionals, is adept at identifying both the potential and the challenges of this technology, thereby equipping us to navigate you through the legal intricacies of Blockchain technology.

Technological Proficiency

Our proficiency extends to various aspects of Blockchain technology, encompassing opportunities, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), Smart Contracts, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain-driven applications. Our objective is to harness the potential of these technologies for diverse sectors including finance, trade, distribution, IoT, among others.


We offer expert advice on matters related to cryptocurrency transactions, the issuance of cryptocurrencies, and the associated tax implications.


We provide exhaustive legal and tax consultation for gambling applications that leverage blockchain technology.

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The perception of Blockchain technology is often marred by misconceptions related to money laundering and environmental sustainability. The prevalent notion is that the use of cryptocurrencies is detrimental to the environment. Consequently, companies in this sector are required to devote additional focus on ESG.

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We offer routine tax support, counsel on cryptocurrency transactions, and guidance on the tax aspects of blockchain-based gambling applications.

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Regulatory Compliance
  • Tracking and analysing global as well as Polish regulatory changes.
  • Assisting in jurisdiction selection and authorization procurement.
  • Drafting agreements and regulations that comply with EU standards, including AML, ESG, and other new tech regulations.
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Business Setup and Growth
  • Guiding business expansion.
  • Advising on reducing regulatory responsibilities.
  • Advising on financings, VC & PE transactions
[ 03 ]
  • Advising on day-to-day tax responsibilities
  • Advising on tax aspects of cryptocurrency transactions
  • Advising on gambling taxes
A client operating on the cryptocurrency market
Advising with regards allegations of cryptocurrency fraud as part of an international criminal network using multi-level corporate structures and a distributed technical network.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Team

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