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LSW offers a comprehensive suite of legal services tailored to educational institutions, laboratories, and entities operating within the education market.

Deep-rooted Connections in the Education Sector

Our team of lawyers maintains strong affiliations with esteemed educational institutions including Warsaw University, Warsaw School of Economics, AGH University of Science and Technology, Kozminski University, and the H. Grocjusz Intellectual Property Law Center. Additionally, they frequently serve as keynote speakers at conferences addressing not only legal matters but also the commercialization of research, fundraising strategies, and initiatives aligned with ESG principles.

Support for Diverse Educational Entities

We extend our support to a wide array of educational stakeholders, encompassing private and public schools, universities, educational centers, research and development institutions, professors, scientists, innovators, as well as startups, companies, and investment funds operating within the education sector.

Commercialization of Research

Our expertise includes advising on the establishment of innovation companies, formation of educational consortia, securing financing from various public and private sources such as state, EU, venture capital, private equity funds, private investors, or corporations. Furthermore, we offer ongoing assistance to innovation institutions in navigating their day-to-day challenges.

International Cooperation & Transactions

Leveraging our extensive international network, we facilitate cross-border collaborations for education entities with global counterparts, be it universities, corporations, or international funds. Recognizing the paramount importance of knowledge exchange, we guide our clients in transferring expertise alongside financial resources. From project financing to the merger or acquisition of innovation companies or even universities, we provide comprehensive transactional support throughout the process.


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Commercialization of Research:
  • Assisting in the establishment and structuring of innovation companies to effectively commercialize research findings and intellectual property.
  • Providing guidance on forming collaborative partnerships and consortia within the education sector to pool resources and accelerate research commercialization efforts.
  • Advising on strategies to secure financing from diverse sources including public funds, private investors, venture capital, private equity, and government grants tailored to research commercialization initiatives.
  • Offering legal counsel on intellectual property protection, licensing agreements, and technology transfer to maximize the commercial potential of research outcomes.
  • Conducting market assessments and developing strategic plans to identify commercial opportunities, target audiences, and pathways to market for educational research outputs.
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  • Facilitating project financing arrangements to support the development and implementation of educational initiatives, research projects, and infrastructure investments.
  • Providing comprehensive legal assistance in mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships within the education sector, including due diligence, negotiation, and documentation.
  • Facilitating cross-border collaborations and joint ventures between educational institutions, research centers, and industry partners through negotiation of agreements and regulatory compliance.
  • Advising on the purchase and sale of educational assets, including real estate, intellectual property, equipment, and educational programs, ensuring regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.
  • Structuring joint ventures, consortia, and strategic alliances to foster collaboration, resource-sharing, and innovation within the education ecosystem, while safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.
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On-going support:
  • Corporate law
  • Compliance
  • Employment
  • Cybersecurity & Data protection
  • Intellectual property
  • Tax
  • Real estate
  • EU & State Aid
  • Public Procurement
  • ESG
Scientific Consortium
Contributing to designing the cooperation framework between a special purpose vehicle, a medical university, and a scientific institute for an innovative research project in food chemistry, co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development. LSW drafted necessary contracts and documents for establishing the scientific consortium and provided ongoing advice on project implementation and research commercialization matters.
Private Investor and Consortium
Representing an investor in forming a consortium with a medical university for an immunology and biotechnology research and development project. Additionally, LSW advised on subsequent activities related to scientific research commercialization.
Academy of Physical Education and Sport Jędrzej Śniadecki
Preparation of a feasibility report for obtaining financing for the "Fit-Box" project, involving energy storage from human muscle work for physical exercise machines.
Helix Immuno-Oncology S.A. and Silesian University of Technology
Advising a scientific consortium comprising Helix Immuno-Oncology S.A. and the Silesian University of Technology, aimed at conducting and commercializing oncological research.
Gdańsk University of Technology
Providing a legal opinion and advice on the compliance of the research project's implementation model.

Education Team

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