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At LSW, we specialize in the legal intricacies of the Polish medical cannabis and hemp industries. Our team of seasoned legal professionals provides strategic guidance, helping you navigate the ever-evolving regulatory shifts and market dynamics. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this dynamic sector and are committed to empowering your journey.

Tailored Licensing and Distribution Strategies

Our team crafts bespoke licensing and distribution strategies specifically tailored to businesses operating within the cannabis sector. We meticulously analyze your business model, ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations while optimizing for growth. From negotiating licensing agreements to optimizing distribution channels, we pave the way for your business to penetrate the market and achieve leadership.

Protecting Innovations

Innovation is a key driver in the cannabis sector, and we’re committed to protecting your groundbreaking developments. Whether you’re involved in the creation of novel pharmaceuticals or pioneering hemp cultivation techniques, we provide comprehensive legal support. Our services extend from drafting R&D collaboration agreements to navigating complex patent landscapes, ensuring your intellectual property in the cannabis space remains safeguarded.

Compliant and Impactful Product Launches

Launching a cannabis product requires meticulous planning and strict adherence to specific advertising regulations. Our legal experts collaborate closely with your marketing and sales teams, crafting impactful launch strategies that resonate with your target audience while ensuring full compliance with cannabis advertising laws. We review promotional materials, strategize launches, and ensure your product makes a significant impact in the market.


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Operations & Supply Chain Management:
  • Guiding entities through the process of registering and producing medicinal cannabis products.
  • Assisting in the development and execution of sales and distribution strategies for entities in the cannabis sector.
  • Planning, assessing, and confirming tasks related to promotional and non-promotional initiatives.
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Legal Affairs & Regulatory Compliance:
  • Representing cannabis companies in all cases under the Pharmaceutical Law Act, the Drug Addiction Prevention Act, or the Reimbursement Act.
  • Offering advice to entities in the cannabis sector on risk reduction and ensuring proper organization by checking adherence to relevant procedures and legal processes.
  • Providing comprehensive legal support during events like the recall or halt of medicinal products, allegations of corruption, and other crisis situations.
[ 03 ]
  • Offering complete legal assistance for Mergers & Acquisitions transactions and brand sales within the cannabis sector.
  • Guiding founders in the cannabis sector on investments received from investment funds.
  • Supporting venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) funds with their investments in the Cannabis & Healthcare sector.
Private Investor
Advising a private investor on a distressed assets transaction in the medical cannabis sector. The investment involved providing financing with the option to convert liabilities into share capital. The transaction enables the company to implement its restructuring plan.
Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder
Advising the Polish venture capital fund on the establishment and investment in a medical facility specialized in providing medical services based on cannabis therapy - Centrum Medycyny Konopnej.

Cannabis Team

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