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Our team offers guidance to both Polish and global clients on all aspects of competition and antitrust law, encompassing transactions, disputes, and routine affairs.

Holistic Assistance

Our clients receive all-encompassing counsel on matters such as: anti-competitive conducts, merger oversight, and consumer protection regulations. We prioritize pragmatic and custom-made strategies that empower our clients to realize their commercial objectives while adhering to legal requirements.

Proceedings before the President of UOKIK. Litigation

We offer counsel to clients in proceedings overseen by the Polish Competition Authority (President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) and the European Commission. We also represent them before the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection (SOKIK), courts of other instances and the Supreme Court.

Advice at a European Level

Professionals at LSW have acquired valuable experience at the European Commission and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Retail / E-commerce / Consumers

LSW boasts a wealth of experience also in providing counsel to entrepreneurs in the retail, e-commerce and consumers.


[ 01 ]
  • Preparing notifications of intention of concentration for Polish and international clients.
  • Evaluation in light of foreign subsidies rules (FSR) and control on certain foreign investments rules, FDI.
  • Representing clients in concentration proceedings.
[ 02 ]
Proceedings before the President of UOKIK. Litigation

Providing support in cases including:

  • Agreements between competitors distorting competition (e.g., price agreements, market sharing), vertical agreements (manufacturer-distributor relationships, etc.), collusive bidding agreements
  • Cooperative agreements, i.e., e.g., R&D agreements
  • Entities holding a strong market position (abuse of dominant position)
  • Limitation of potential sanctions (e.g. leniency).
  • Protection of consumer rights (prohibited contractual clauses, misleading information/advertising, etc.)
  • Compensation for violations of competition law (private enforcement)

Representing in unfair competition cases.

Helping in cases of infringement of entrepreneurs’ personal rights.

Representing clients in main proceedings before both commercial and criminal courts.

[ 03 ]
Opinions and expertise in the following domains:
  • Business strategies (e.g., evaluation of the discount system).
  • Advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Contests.
[ 04 ]
Retail, e-commerce & consumers:
  • Preparation and consultation of regulations for promotions and consumer competitions.
  • Preparation and consultation of regulations, loyalty programs, and privacy policies for online stores, websites, and mobile applications.
  • Legal opinions regarding marketing communication to consumers.
  • Support in the field of product labeling and product safety.
Advising on matters related to competition law in the scope of planned business and commercial activities.
Korean company listed on KOSPI
Providing comprehensive legal advice in merger clearance proceeding, including assessment of the transaction in the light of FSR requirements.
Advising the international airline in proceedings before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection regarding allegations of violating the collective interests of consumers by providing incomplete information about the full ticket price and the costs of mandatory additional services.
Advising the largest Polish media group on competition law and antitrust notifications before the European Commission and the Polish Office of Competition Protection in connection with the merger of the TVN pay TV platform with the Polish pay TV platform Canal+.
Estee Lauder
Advising the multinational cosmetics company on a sales campaign and competition and consumer rights related to the campaign.

Antitrust & Competition Team

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