Business and family

With a focus on business people and the creators of family businesses, we have separated a new team of experts – LSW Business and Family. It focuses primarily on building and developing long-lasting relationships. It guarantees success in running and strengthening the family business and effective resolution of complex proceedings. We provide comprehensive legal advice – from private matters, through successions, inheritance, ending with tax issues.

Family businesses:

  • We advise on the process of running a family business
  • We provide advice on privacy and image protection
  • We assist in the processes of dividing the family businesses as a result of a divorce or premarital agreements


  • We guide the client through the intricacies of inheritance proceedings
  • We provide tax advice
  • We represent clients in litigation

Property management:

  • We perform analyses and tax optimisation
  • We advise on stock investments, acquisitions, disposals and transformations
  • We handle matters related to labour law

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