This new activity for KOWR, in the capacity of a developer, will be possible as a result of the revision of the act on management of State Treasury properties. At present the draft is at the stage of informal consultations.

 – As such KOWR has no experience whatsoever in the field of construction investment. I believe it is unnecessary and harmful to authorise it to carry out residential projects– says Marcin Włodarski, PhD, an expert on real estate and infrastructure projects at the LSW law firm.

 – In my opinion the „Mieszkanie plus” (“Apartment plus”) program ought to be operated by the Polish Development Fund, specifically by its specialist sub-fund, in cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (Bank of National Economy). All other State Treasury entities ought to support the Polish Development Fund with their resources. Obviously, real property ought to be transferred to the „Mieszkanie Plus” program for consideration, which was actually noted by the legislator. Enabling various entities to run the program will only lead to chaos and dissolution of responsibility for its results” – Dr Włodarski added.

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