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LSW Sport

Various sports passions of the LSW team have inspired the creation of the LSW Sport section.

It is a place for exchanging information about successes, sharing experiences and a database of knowledge about our training methods. However, LSW Sport is primarily a field of initiating joint sports activities, which we encourage you to follow. We also invite you to join us!

However, sport is not only an individual passion for us. It is also a part of our business.

We work for athletes, we understand their needs. We know what sport looks like in Poland and abroad. Neither professional sport nor broadly understood sports business can function anywhere without competent lawyers.

LSW Sport connects both worlds. We draw inspiration from the hard work of athletes, admire them and give them support wherever they need it. And most of all, we like doing it.

That is why in this area we combine professional work and personal passions, which we infect others with. To be a better athlete is to be a better person. In business, sport and law the best are those who love what they do.


Polish Scamp 27 crew with a bronze medal at the ORC European Championships in Ow Oxelösund (Sweden)

The Polish Scamp 27 has achieved a great success and won a bronze medal at the ORC European Championships held from 14 to 17 August 2019 in Oxelösund, Sweden. This is the historic podium of the Polish team in a maritime event of this rank. The team includes, among others, Maciej Ślusarek, Managing Partner of LSW, and a foresail trimmer on the yacht.

This year, the Scamp 27 crew won, among others, the Tri-City Sailing Cup and the Nord Cup together with the Neptune Amber Cup. Later in the season Scamp 27 will take part in the Tri-City Blue Ribbon regatta of the Gulf of Gdansk.

In the Scamp 27 crew, apart from the owners Witold Karałow (helmsman) and Maciej Gnatowski (mainsail trimmer), there are:

Grzegorz Goździk - forward

Piotr Obidzinski - masthead

Mikołaj Gielniak - masthead

Andrzej Grabowski - pit

Maciej Ślusarek - foresail trimmer

Jakub Jankowski - foresail trimmer

Maciej Gnatowski - grotto trimmer

Witold Karałow - helmsman

Jakub Marciniak - tactician

Andrzej Brochocki - bachtag

Mateusz Zieniewicz - bachtag

The crew and yacht can be tracked on social media (FB/Instagram) at or by entering Scamp 27 in the search engine.


On April 3, 2016 the LSW team took part in the 11th PZU Warsaw Marathon.

Lawyer Michał Klimowicz, attorney at law Michał Sałajczyk and Karolina Kordel from the accounting department took part in the 11th PZU Warsaw Marathon. Michał Klimowicz and Michał Sałajczyk are experienced runners who finished the race with the results of 1h35 and 1h41. Karolina Kordel made her debut at the distance of the half-marathon with the revalued result of 2h19. Congratulations!


Marcin Melzacki, attorney at law – appointed an arbitrator of the Polish Olympic Committee Sports Tribunal

On 17 December 2015, the Board of the Polish Olympic Committee chaired by Andrzej Kraśnicki, President of the Polish Olympic Committee, debated at the Olympic Centre in Warsaw. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Sport and Tourism, Witold Bańka.  The PKOl Management Board appointed the Arbitration Tribunal for Sport at the Polish Olympic Committee for the years 2016-2019, consisting of 24 persons. One of the arbitrators selected was  a Partner in our law firm, Marcin Melzacki. Congratulations!

The Tribunal is a permanent arbitration court acting under the rules specified in the provisions of the Act of 17 November 1964. It resolves, inter alia, disputes arising from appeals against final disciplinary decisions of Polish sports associations.

The LSW team paddles for charity under the slogan #All to Oars2015

2,294 kilometres - this is the distance between Warsaw and Madrid. This is exactly the number of hours that the charity relay of the rowing regatta #All To Row2015 sailed on six ergometers. The aim of the race organised by the Legia Foundation, in cooperation with the Spanish Foundation Fundacion Deporte y Desafio, the Foundation Academy of Integration and the Warsaw Regatta Society Legia Warsaw, is to raise money to buy ergometers and adapt them to the needs of the disabled people. The project also aims to promote social activation and integration through sport.

The great charity rowing took place on 23 and 24 November 2015 at the Legia stadium in Warsaw, at 3 Łazienkowska Street. Together we showed what integration means. The regatta was attended by disabled people - the organisers prepared ergometers adapted especially for their needs. LSW was represented by a six-person team: Władysław Bieńkowski, Marcin Grzelecki, Marcin Melzacki, Marcin Nosiński, Bogusław Leśnodorski and Tomasz Pieczyk.

LSW Sailing Team again in the Blue Cup Regatta in Greece

At the beginning of November 2015 the Blue Cup Regatta regatta took place, it was already the 25th edition. More than 50 yachts led by skippers from all over the world took part in the regatta. One of the crews was composed of representatives of the LSW sailing team - i.e. Maciej Ślusarek as a skipper and Tomasz Pieczyk in the crew. In their class LSW sailing team - after five races - stood on the podium in the third place, receiving the cup.

More on the Blue Cup Regatta >>>


LSW Running Team

LSW Sport is a team of experienced long-distance runners. Among the most advanced enthusiasts of this form of sport activity are: Edyta Niemyska, Maciej Ślusarek, Marcin Melzacki and Tomasz Pieczyk. They have already participated in marathons in Rome and Warsaw, half marathons in Brussels and Warsaw and many popular street runs, such as the Warsaw Uprising Run, Constitution Run, Independence Run or Warsaw Run. Apart from their own intensive trainings, the team members popularise running among the entire LSW team and willingly share their experiences with the beginners.



Sydney Hobart Rolex cup

In December 2014, the Sydney Hobart Rolex Cup, the 70th anniversary edition of one of the world's most famous regattas, was held. This is a race over a distance of 630 nautical miles, considered to be one of the most demanding. This edition was attended by a Polish yacht under the Polish flag - for the first time in the history of the regatta. It was a Selma Expeditions yacht, run by Piotr Kuźniar. The team of skippers was strengthened for the regatta by famous Polish sailors Dominik Życki and Jarek Kaczorowski. The crew also included LSW partner Maciej Ślusarek. The regatta was won by Wild Rose, and Wild Oats IX (line honoure) was the first to finish the race. Selma came in 74th place, out of 115 teams that finished the race.


lswsport.png (562 KB)


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XXXV Warsaw Marathon

On 29th September 2013 the 35th Warsaw Marathon took place. At the start stood 11834 runners. Among them, once again our representative - Maciej Ślusarek - took part in the marathon. The biggest running event in the country was won by a Pole of Ethiopian origin - Yared Shegumo with the resulf of 02:20:34. Maciej also broke his previous record and (speaking the language of the running community) ‘broke four hours’. We congratulate all the competitors on their results!

Legia Business Cup

Promoting physical activity of all kinds, we decided to test our strength - this time in football, taking part in Legia Business Cup competitions.

LSW Football Team in the line-up:  Marcin Melzacki, Władysław Bieńkowski, Marcin Nosiński, Marcin Grzelecki, Michał Krysik and Michał Giera - achieved significant successes, taking first place in the table!

More information can be found on the website:


LSW Sailing Cup

On 25th May 2013 in Klub Mila at Zegrzyński Lake the competition for the LSW Sailing Cup took place. On the sports boats of the Sigma Club 600 class, prepared by the team of Mateusz Kusznierewicz, 12 teams of five raced. Semi-amateur teams faced the rain and wind up to 4*B, racing in three triangle races, in truly Spartan conditions.

The fight was extremely fierce and the emotions on the water were enormous. The competition was not without tippers and collisions! This year's event provided us with many wonderful impressions.

The first place was taken by the crew with the skipper Maciej Ślusarek.

Bogusław Leśnodorski President of Legia Warsaw

Bogusław Leśnodorski, partner and co-founder of LSW, until March 2017 was the president and co-owner of the football club Legia Warszawa.  Transfers conducted under his leadership allowed Legia to win the much-anticipated title of Polish Champion, and then successfully compete in European cups.  Bogusław Leśnodorski was able to engage Legia's "twelfth player", i.e. the part of the fans most involved in the match cheering.

Find out more at:


Maciej Ślusarek in Blue Cup Regatta

Maciej Ślusarek, a partner of LSW, has been participating in sea yacht regattas for many years.  In the last Blue Cup Regatta regatta, held every year in the waters of the Saronic Gulf in Greece, he led a five-person crewed yacht as a skipper.  In the end, he took 8th place in the class A group of yachts out of 22 competing in this class.  The race was won by Mikhail Gobelkov, a well-known Russian skipper.  We congratulate Maciej and keep our fingers crossed for further successes. 

More on the website of Vernicos Yachts



Marcin Melzacki Vice President PZKol

Marcin Melzacki, LSW Partner, skillfully combines professional and private passions.  A sports enthusiast, runner and cycling enthusiast likes to use his experience in an unconventional way.   With his commitment and passion he supports the Polish Cycling Association, not only taking part in sports competitions, but also actively working for the Association itself.  On the 8th of December 2012 Marcin Melzacki became Vice President of PZKol.

More information on the PZKOL website

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