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Outside law

The section "Outside the law", is where we'd like to share what we do apart from the everyday law business. The name is symbolic - we;d like to stress the point that "not the law alone, lets a lawyer live". Even if the additional activities are to a lesser or greater extent tied to knowldeg of the law. The deciding criterion, for why certain information is under the "Outside the law" heading, is the results it had. In each case, this consisted of help in solving problems of particular people or entire groups.


An excellent confirmation of the competence and expertise of the LSW lawyers, is their level of activity in the roles of lecturers and trainers. Lectures, workshops and seminars lead by them are very popular, both among those tied professionally to the law, as well as among people who are having to deal with legal matters increasingly in the their professional life. LSW cooperates with the Polish Chamber of Audiovisual Producers, the Intellectual Property Center and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Selected topics of trainings and lectures:

  • The role of IP in business
  • Tax optimization. National and international fiscal planning
  • Governmental investments in infrastructure projects as part of the Public-Private Partnership
  • Industrial property law
  • Commercialization  of medical entities
  • Spatial development
  • Unfair competition
  • Public procurements in the European Union
  • Copyright
  • Personal interests and their protection
  • Legal frames of cooperation in the film production process and financing a film production
  • Product placement and sponsoring in film and TV
  • Advertising and marketing on the Internet

LSW partner in the action campaign "Photography permitted"

The LSW lawyers, valued experts in the field of copyright, are the co-authors of the mobile application „Photography permitted”. This unique tool helps to make sense of the principles behind taking photos in public space in Poland. It is used by amateurs, as well as by a large number of professional photographers. Thanks to information prepared by the LSW team, they can realize their passion and professional tasks, without the risk of violating laws in Poland.
The application can be downloaded for free . It is an element of the national campaign „Photography permitted”, in which many public institutions and private entities are participants. The organizer of the campaign and the co-author of the app is the agency The Story.


The LSW lawyers have supported a variety of non-governmental organizations with their knowledge and experience. The help involved their ongoing operations, as well as strategic projects, such as legislative proposals made by them and social campaigns. Among the organizations cooperating with LSW are, among others:

Public institutions

The LSW team is also involved in actions taken by public institutions. Most recently, our lawyers have worked with the President’s Office and the Polish Language Council in the Polish Academy of Sciences Presidium, providing legal services for the social campaign promoting correct Polish language. 

Public Relations

LSW is a partner of, a website for the public relations industry, the organizer of the prestigious contest PRotony. As its auditor, LSW makes sure that the procedures for announcing candidacies, selecting nominated people and entities, the Jury deciding on the winners in each given category, are followed correctly. 

Pro bono

As part of their nonprofit activity, the LSW lawyers participate in numerous court cases, concerning issues that are important in Poland’s public and social life. They supported a known journalist, who fell victim to illegal actions taken by the special forces. They participated in the unprecedented proceedings regarding the disclosing of the identity of a known political blogger, against one of the Polish newspapers. The represented a Pole from Belarus, who had been unrightfully deprived of his Polish Card by the Polish administration and they represented the parents of a little girl who died when a car hit her as she was crossing the street. They also acted as proxies for public figures in cases regarding the protection of personal interests, which constituted important voices in the discussion on the quality of public debate in our nation. The LSW lead pro bono case of the historian from IPN, who wrote a critical review of prof. KUL’s history book, was included in the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights Precedent Cases Program. 

Corporate government

The LSW lawyers actively get involved in corporate governments.  Justyna Bójko, a LSW Partner resides in the government of the District Council of Legal Advisors . Maciej Ślusarek, a LSW Partner is a judge at the disciplinary court, the chairman of the Youth Science Club and the Commission of Cooperation with Legal Advisors. Justyna and Maciej actively participated in the project of elaborating the new attorney ethics code.  

Our Christmas cards

The LSW team, who practice the very demanding field that law is on a daily basis, is also a group of unusual personalities, with different temperaments and a shared sense of humor. From years, we have consistently surprised our clients, partners and co-workers with outside the box, whimsical and intriguing holiday greeting cards. These little works of arts come into being thanks to the cooperation with the Agency Brain and the commitment of the entire team. Please browse through the gallery:

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