Labor law

We support clients in all ventures related to labour law in business – from negotiating agreements and management contracts, through negotiations with trade unions, to conflict resolution in the labour court.

  • We analyse employee records in terms of compliance with labour law
  • We deal with issues related to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • We prepare audits
  • We monitor the protection of employer interests in the field of unfair competition and trade secret
  • We handle labour law proceedings related to the forms of employment, employee fraud and related criminal cases
  • We handled cases related to mobbing and discrimination
  • We represent employers in their relations with trade unions and in employee disputes
  • We negotiate the provisions of benefits packages with trade unions
  • We handle group dismissals and restructuring of business entities
  • We represent clients in litigation with employees

Social Package in  Czestochowa Steelworks

In the process of privatization of one of the largest employers in the steel industry, a team of LSW lawyers prepared a legal analysis, negotiated the so-called Social Package, the agreement of employees with the new employer, and then in the next few years negotiated annexes to this Agreement with the unions. The LSW team ongoingly supports the legal employee service for  Czestochowa Steelworks.

Analysis of employment in the Gdańsk Shipyard

In the course of the privatization process of Gdańsk Shipyard a team of LSW lawyers analyzed employment in the Shipyard.

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