Fashion and design

• We support fashion and other designers in protecting their designs and intellectual property from unauthorised copying, and work to counteract illegal imitation of their designs
• We provide assistance with all legal matters and issues that arise in connection with running a fashion business. We support our clients at the start of their business activity – helping them choose the optimal legal form and create a legal framework for running a business – and at a later stage. We provide on-going legal services, including drafting and negotiating agreements necessary for everyday business operations, such as agreements with co-workers, subcontractors, models, sponsors, etc.
• We represent clients in (court and out-of-court) disputes regarding the rights to designs and patterns in the field of fashion and broadly understood design
• We develop optimal strategies for the protection of intellectual property

Infringement of rights of a famous fashion designer

The LSW Team advised a famous Polish fashion designer concerning the matter of shirts which very closely resembled ones designed by him, being sold on an online auction website. Thanks to the action taken by LSW, the sale of the shirts imitating the designers’ work was stopped, and the two parties came to an agreement regarding damages.

Collaboration between a famous fashion designer and a popular clothing brand 

The LSW Team participated in preparing contracts, which enabled collaboration between one of the most recognized Polish designers and a popular clothing brand. Thanks to the suport of LSW a limited collection of clothes by the designer was created for the famous brand.

Licensing contract with heirs of a famous Polish designer of furniture.

The LSW lawyers helped in arranging a licensing agreement with the heirs of a famous Polish designer of furniture who worked in the 1950’s. Thanks to this collaboration, one of the companies on the Polish market began the production of chairs designed by the artist, which are also greatly appreciated today. 

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