New technologies, software and IT

• We advise on drafting and negotiating agreements for the creation, implementation, testing, servicing and operation of computer programmes and information systems, designing and maintenance of websites and other multimedia services
• We are involved in creating the legal infrastructure for the operation of websites or online shops, and issues related to the protection of Internet domains and privacy on the Internet
• We provide legal support to producers of multimedia and computer programmes, including computer games, portal administrators, hosting providers, bloggers, Internet shop owners and other virtual sales platforms, interactive marketing agencies, and e-PR, as well as entities and institutions that are interested in creating and acquiring rights or obtaining licences for all IT solutions and systems
• We conduct lectures, trainings and workshops on new technologies law
• Our lawyers have been involved in dozens of computer law transactions (including computer software implementations)

Dispute with the client’s former partner on the rights to source codes

We represented a software company developing specialised software, inter alia for the army, in a dispute with a former partner, where the main issue concerned the rights to source codes and databases.

Dispute between competitors concerning software copyright and unfair competition

We advised an IT company, dealing with software development and implementation, in a dispute with its competitor – an international group, which made a false accusation against our client regarding the copyright infringement, while performing acts of unfair competition against our client.

IT solutions for the food industry

We supported a group of fruit and vegetable producers, trading annually approx. 10 thousand tonnes of fruit, in agreement negotiations for the creation and implementation of a dedicated computer system (software and hardware) for a comprehensive inventory management and preparation of goods and their sale.

Supporting computer games producers

LSW lawyers draft, comment on and negotiate agreements necessary for creating and using computer games, including programmers, graphic designers, scriptwriters, and animation studios – with respect to rights to fictional characters – distributors, advertisers, sponsors and media partners.

Supporting an innovative IT start-up

We supported an IT start-up in developing a business model and preparing agreements necessary for running business operations based on the innovative and comprehensive provision of IT support for business (including such issues as widely understood IT services, software licensing, equipment rental, etc.).

IT implementations

We drafted and negotiated agreements for the creation, implementation and maintenance of various IT systems and computer programmes for the following types of clients: book publishing houses, newspaper publishers, advertising agencies, cultural institutions, manufacturing companies and service providers.

Box licences

We drafted and commented on standard licence agreements for the use of computer programmes distributed in boxes.

Portals and websites

We drafted, commented on and negotiated agreements for the creation and acquisition of rights to IT solutions underlying the websites, internet portals and web pages.

Scientific social service

LSW provided regular legal services to Index Copernicus International S.A., which ran a unique international social service devoted entirely to the people of science. The company is also the author and owner of a unique algorithm, enabling the assessment of research achievements.

Protection of anonymity on the Internet

LSW lawyers handled a case with regard to disclosing the identity of a well-known political blogger against one of the Polish newspapers A Polish newspaper, Dziennik, tried to persuade the blogger to disclose her identity, but when she refused, they published the information which allowed for her identification.

Personal interests vs internal Internet forum

LSW handled probably the first case in Poland where the court had to decide on the violation of personal interests by the statements of Internet users within an internal online discussion forum or lack thereof. As a result of LSW’s actions, the defendant was ordered by the court to send emails to all forum members with apologies to the plaintiff for publishing harmful content.

World Cyber Games

LSW lawyers provided comprehensive legal advice in relation to the tenth edition of the largest and most prestigious international eSports tournament – the World Cyber Games.

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