Piotr Nikołajuk

Attorney at law


He specialises in issues related to intellectual property rights, in particular the copyright, as well as advertisement and media law.

He provides on-going legal advice to film and television producers, advertising agencies and publishing houses. He prepares and negotiates contracts, including, among others, for the production of entertainment programmes based on foreign formats, contracts with artists and performers. He represents natural and legal persons in disputes related to the protection of personal interests and know-how. He also has extensive experience in providing legal support to e-commerce and retail sectors.

Before LSW

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. He gained his professional experience in a renowned Warsaw law firm and at government administration.

About Piotr

Privately, Piotr spends every spare moment on experimenting in the kitchen and running, and crosses boundaries in both these areas. If it weren’t for his job as a lawyer, which he performs with passion, he would probably be living somewhere in the Alps and ski all the time.

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