Paweł Baran

Attorney at law


He participates in ongoing maintenance of investment projects and litigation. He has experience in negotiating and drafting commercial contracts, as well as implementing transactional documentation. He advises clients on new business ventures in the field of transportation, heavy industry and financial sector.

He also has extensive experience in the field of copyright and the protection of personal rights. He is constantly involved in pro bono projects, where he supports third sector entities - foundations and associations.

Before LSW

He graduated from the Law and Administration Faculty at the University of Warsaw. During his studies, he participated in the British Law Centre and he was an active member of the board of the Student’s Scientific Group “Intellectual Property”. He gained professional experience in the legal department of an international media company, and at one of the Warsaw law firms.

About Paweł

Theatre and good cinema enthusiast. He is interested in world war II. Lover of technological novelties, video games and Internet.


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