Michał Klimowicz

Attorney at law


Supports the LSW team in projects related to legal assistance for commercial companies and mergers and acquisitions transactions. His area of interests also includes tax  issues associated with commercial companies.

He advised LSW clients in investment processes, among others he assisted a group of individual investors investing in one of the most dynamically developing companies involved in production and distribution of video content in the internet. He is also well acquainted with corporate financing projects, including bond issues.

Michał implemented a number of projects in the area of transformation and mergers of commercial companies, among others in the TV production industry, advertising and PR agencies, public opinion surveys and heavy industry. The diverse business areas where LSW’s clients operate encouraged him to study the specific regulations and requirements of legal assistance applicable to entities operating in the various sectors.

Michał also provided legal assistance to sport entities. Among others he participated in the sale and purchase process of the football club Legia Warszawa and provided complex advice in the process of establishing a joint stock company operating the Basketball Section of the club Legia Warszawa. He was also involved in establishing a limited liability company operating one of the leading e-sport teams in Poland, which required among others participating in negotiations between the key shareholders with regard to corporate governance issues.

Before LSW

He graduated with honours from the Law and Administration Faculty of Warsaw University. Before joining LSW he gained experience in one of the largest Polish law firms and the Helsinki Human Rights Foundation. An award winner of the trainee program “Program Kariera” organised every year by LSW and the Polish Business Council. In 2013 he was entered on the list of trainee advocates of the District Bar Council in Warsaw and obtained the title of advocate in 2016.

About Michał

Michał spends most of his free time jogging and successfully participates in street runs, especially at 10 km distances and half-marathons.



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